Men and “Beauty”

I was reading the Hyderabad times the other day and I was surprised to find two interviews. One was with a famous cricketer who has married an Indian origin Australian. WHen asked what was it best that he liked about his wife, his comment was that she understood him and that she was beautiful. In the same edition, there was another article where a very popular Telugu actor was quoted as saying that he wanted to act with an actress because she was beautiful!! Dude, whatever happened to acting skills here?

I was wondering what is the kind of message that these guys are passing on? And what about all the other girls who might not be that beautiful but have a bunch of other talents. In this machiost world, there must be so much pressure on girls and the stress on beauty. But alas, that’s the way the world works. Looks and beauty comes before skill. And I guess this is quite true for the men as well. 


About soni.somarajan

Programmer, soccer fanatic, wannabe musician!
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